Our brands are our most cherished assets, and our engines of growth. Innovation and passion are the main ingredients for the success of our brands

Our extensive range of products caters to all market segments and tastes of people in South Africa and international countries. Our product range includes a variety of chews, toffees/eclairs, hard-boiled sweets, 6 categories of lollipops, marshmallows and gummies.

All products are manufactured according to highest quality standards and are packaged in bright attractive packaging. We have different flavours, pack sizes and different offerings that caters for different segments of the markets. All our ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers available and our signature flavours are imported from Europe to ensure the best tasting product possible.


Chocolate Eclair Pop



X Pop




Tango Milky



Fruit flavored lollipops with chewy and bubblegum centers available in Yogi Berry, Fruit Fusion, Milk Valley, Wacky Mix, Berry Blaze and Tropical Island flavours.


2Pop Ice Cream Lollipops


Eclairs with a delicious chocolate, caramel and mint filled center.


Zumba Candy

Delicious creamy candy available in Strawberry n Creme, Caramel Mint and Choc Vanilla flavours.


Zumba Lollipops

Smooth and Creamy lollipops available in Chocolate, Caramel & Bubblegum Milkshake, Strawberry & Cream, Cherry & Orange Yogurt and Apple & Grape flavours.



Triple flavour with liquid centre in Assorted, Fruit Splash, Rio Tropical and Yoghurt flavours.



Fruit flavoured candy with liquid centre filling in Fruit Sensations and Passion Mix flavours.


Joosy Chews

Fruit flavoured chews with Yogurt, Fruit Medley, Magic Mix, Milk Toffee, Tropical Fruit and Berry Exotic Flavours.